ما هو الشعر السريالي؟ /جاري كومسكي

ما هو الشعر السريالي؟ قبل نحو شهر طلب مني محسن إلقاء محاضرة هذا المساء حول موضوع “ما هو الشعر السريالي؟” كان إجابتي في ذلك الوقت أن هذا سؤال يكاد يكون من المستحيل الإجابة عليه بشكل شامل ، وأنني لم أكن متأكدًا مما إذا كان بإمكاني الإجابة عليه. لقد مر الآن شهر ، وما زلت لا […]

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Monumento al mar/Vicente Huidobro

Vicente Huidobro. (Santiago, provincia de Santiago, 10 de enero de 1893 – Cartagena, entonces provincia de Valparaíso, 2 de enero de 1948), Edited by /Verónica Cabanillas Samaniego Monumento al mar Paz sobre la constelación cantante de las aguasEntrechocadas como los hombros de la multitudPaz en el mar a las olas de buena voluntadPaz sobre la […]

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The Official Music of THE ROOM 3 /Daniel O’REILLY

Follow The link ‘An Abduction’ is an experimental piece of multimedia fiction by Daniel O’Reilly comprising three sensory components: text, image and sound, creating a postmodern gothic ambience to narrate the paranoiac hallucinations and mental collapse of a writer. Inspired by the engraving ‘Disparate volante’ by Francisco de Goya, an impoverished young man becomes the […]

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Secrets Shanta Lee

I’m Tellin’ All unsaids, All secrets are not created equal. Some secrets kin with our bodies because our bodies know that they need to be the safe, the harbor for such things. This is not about that. Some secrets turn a walk, a regular gait to a saunter because the body tastes its sweetness. This is not about […]

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5 New Poems by Gary Cummiskey

Somewhere else He woke up and decided to disguise himself as a chicken, then he walked out the front door into the main street. He walked past the pizza place, the bank, the café and laundromat, all the way down to the supermarket. The people stared – some smiled, some sniggered, while others burst out […]

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