8 poems by / Wade German

SLEEP EATER  I harvest the sighs in the house of my hunger As sleepwalkers flood in the forest And the forest creatures are still asleep I move between spaces Opening spaces Drifting like dust through the flowers of dread As voices make night  In the blood of the desert Where the sun is a smouldering […]

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6 Poems by Jon Riccio

You Must Change Your Life with Kitchenware I soak a rolling pin in heirloom perfume,   hire a shoe shiner for companionship lonely as a city free of feet. I exculpate an omelet using Uri Geller’s cutlery. Parting gifts, a religion concession but you can’t blame spirituality for Teflon gospel-leaning. The snake charmer plays dead […]

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The Tarot of Diana Calabaza Cósmica

Tarot images have inspired Andre Breton, Roberto Matta, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and many others . The archetypical images of the tarot serve as a map key. These key images help the viewer to interpret the language of their subconsciousness. Diana Calabaza Cósmica is a Spanish artist who is interested in dream worlds and the […]

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