Submission guidelines

send surrealist poetry /prose texts /articles /transgressive, avant-garde, and hybrid texts/artworks to: 

Mohsen Elblasy, Editor-in Chief and General Director and Co founder

Visual editor and Administrative manager and co founder

French Language Editor and main advisor /pierre Petiot :

Giorgia Pavlidou, Contributing Poetry Editor (Only English)and Co founder

Initially trained in clinical psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, Giorgia Pavlidou is an American writer and painter intermittently living in Greece and the US. Besides her clinical training, she also received an MA in Anthropology from Leuven University, Belgium, an MA in Urdu Literature from Lucknow University, India, and an MFA from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Caesura, Maintenant Dada Journal, Puerto del Sol, Clockwise Cat, Ocotillo Review, Honidi, Trilobite, Ubu, Philosophical Egg, Moon & Sun Magazine, Entropy and PoetryBay. Trainwreck Press launched her chapbook ‘inside the black hornet’s mind-tunnel’ in 2021, and Anvil Tongue Books her full-length book of poems and paintings, ‘Haunted by the Living – Fed by the Dead’ in May 2022. She developed an attraction to Surrealism early on via her psychoanalytic training and practice. Her meetings with Dr. Naiyer Masud in India and Will Alexander in Los Angeles boosted her interest. 

Spanish Language Editor and coordinator of Latin America submissions /Veronica Cabanillas Samaniego

Catherine Belkhodja, the Main Editor of the French sections of
Outsider Art/ Haiku/ News/Cinema/ Theater/ Society/Travel/ Architecture /

literary criticism

Mitchell Pluto, Guest Visual Art Editor /

A bio, an artist statement and 7-10 jpeg pics

Please mention Submission Query + poetry/prose/hybrid/artwork in the subject line