The Eye To Become/Hoda Hussein

The Eye To Become Hoda Hussein Yesterday I was marrowToday I am bloodSo never question my believeThat red is nothing but a shade of grayThat yellow and white are friendsAnd blue blossoms out of scarsMakes seeds of trees where seas come from.I have cut oceons like a knife in butterWell did the sun on earth […]

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The Alpha-Fertility-Goddesses Richard Gessner

An erotic sensuous moving festive carnival viewed microscopically, a Gessner painting succeeds if the viewer turns voluptuary, entranced by Alpha-Fertility-Goddesses asserting dominion in a world pulsating with intestinal flora fauna doodle drawings; mutating connective tissue linking larger forms throughout the painting. A Gessner painting is both a spontaneous explosion of unified discordant imagery and a […]

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Visions of Ayahuasca JoLu Amaringo

I am Jose Luis Vasquez Gonzales, known as JoLu Amaringo, I was born in the cradle of art on December 5, 1991, in the city of Pucallpa, Peru. At the same my celebrated grandfather, Pablo Amaringo Shuña, flew to Japan to present one of his well known exhibitions on International Amazonian Visionary Art During my […]

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