Bouquet Bouquet I say: a flower! And, out of the oblivion where my voice casts every contour, insofar as it is something other than the known bloom, there arises, musically, the very idea in its mellowness; in other words, what is absent from every bouquet. —Stephane Mallarmé What is poetry? It’s a thing of vision, […]

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Five poems by Mark Young

A line from Kurt Gödel Candles may wear remote signaling devices. There are no staff-to-resident ratios. This separation of wish & fact has a new logo design that can be bought at Walmart, a highly stylized art deco realization of human activity conquering the wilderness. Each one with some- thing missing, just like the set […]

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Mitchell Pluto: 3 paintings

In my work I like being surprised by outcomes that rely on the surrealist method of automatism. This includes recycling past work as collage material.. When I’m not painting I make copper enamel jewelry which I cut, file and torch by hand. The Trespassing Mouth the trespassing mouth is an effigy locator. a symbolic punisher. […]

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