The Occidental Mind: Focused on Incidental Remnants /Will Alexander

When focus remains entranced by fragmentation, by focus say, on the remnants of extinct Sabor Cats, or an anomalous Mammoth tusk, or a disoriented Sun Fish floating, these remain symbols of living disintegration, of living lack, of nostalgia for the presently unobtainable, we know the aggressively dominant Occidental orientation has run its course, while remaining focused on remnants. Not that re-siring the is a sterile or inclement effort, but when the collective mind remains turned backward into an opposite conclusion sans it’s own ferment it remains a closed direction no longer capable of amassing sufficient energy unto itself. For instance, American media remains obsessed by illness and mechanical objects it has lost access to spontaneous activity and settles into a ruined stasis of itself. This being detritus,, a darkened calander of itself alive with childish expectation and trauma. Not a handling of events with blank and sterile mittens, but with contaminated paws restless with its own recontamination.

Will Alexander 


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