WHILE, before the end of Aquarius. Poem and Vision by Enrique de Santiago

“Intersections of a heavenly encounter”, 60 x 40 cm. acrylic and ink on Fabriano 400 gms paper


Before the end of Aquarius

the pale shell will come off

Of the petty masts that hold me persistently

to the acid days that I have left and that push me to leave

meanwhile the tears of a burning salamander fall

as the universe cools

while the creator’s belly accelerates

while the verb contracts

to give birth to the next big bang

that brings its reincarnated flame

in a kind of divine reset to understand us better

since in this past centuries it only brought us a great question

that spits out my insignificant and forgotten life

towards another portal that returns me

To embrace the warm name of our unfinished love.

But between the hollow that leaves the universe without answers

nest the bonds of the flesh that impede the ascent

and the moan of an abject night without constellations is heard

as the star winks its neutrinos at each turn of an earthly extinction

while we have faith in a time forward

while an unthinkable curve reverses the hours

while a simultaneous love is repeated on a balustrade

letting out the molten sweat of lovers

that are hidden in oblivion

of cosmic amnesia

that corrects everything

like the late moment

or the early instant

but always opportune for a kiss

like marbled death

neither before nor after

if not with the precision dictated by the oracles

with his charming concert of algorithms without obituaries

like when the same lovers loved each other twice

in different centuries and places.

Enrique de Santiago, Born in Santiago, Chile (1961). Visual artist, poet, researcher, essayist, curator and cultural manager. He studied a Bachelor of Art at the University of Chile and at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Chile). Since 1984, he has exhibited in individual and group exhibitions, counting to his credit around more than 100 exhibitions.

He has edited five books: Fragile Transits Under the Spirals in 2012, with La Polla Literaria; Elegía a las Magas and the book essay: El Regreso de las Magas, both with Editorial Varonas. In 2018 he edited La Cúspide Uránica with editorial Xaleshem and Dharma Comunicaciones, and Travel Bitácora with Editorial Opalina Cartonera.

He has participated in various poetry anthologies, both in Chile and abroad. He has collaborated in the newspaper La Nación with articles on new media art, and in magazines such as Derrame, Escaner Cultural and Labios Menores in Chile, Brumes Blondes in Holland, Adamar from Spain, Punto Seguido from Colombia, Sonámbula from Mexico, Agulha de Brazil, Incomunidade de Portugal, Styxus de Rep. Czech, Canibaal de Valencia, Spain, Materika de Costa Rica and other printed and digital publications.

Visual Art by Enrique de Santiago

translated by Mitchell Pluto


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