Prussian/Mahogany Ink Jessica A Tehan

My art has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the home of another lifelong artist, my father was always involved in creative endeavors and so it became the norm for my life as well.

My process is always backed by my emotional context- imagery born directly from how I feel without regard of judgement or miss-interpretation. The art, in short, has been vital to my overall wellness in that self-expression of this nature has a phenomenal way of filtering out frustration and tension. It provides a tangible way for me to continually clear my inner slate, making room for whatever art is yet to come.

This current Prussian/Mahogany ink series is a study in how color transmits context in relationship to mood. The deep range of the blue when used in fountain pen format allows the ink to pool in places where I allow the line to end.

The same goes for the ruddy hue of mahogany ink. I love the way these two colors seem to match mood in current times as the blue plays well with my sensitivities, and the rusty red gives voice to a toughness that I have been known to live my life with.

Jessica A Tehan is a Fine Artist cataloging life through her art on a daily basis. Jessica’s fine art has been exhibited and collected internationally from Belgium, France, and all over the United States. Her journey into gallery exhibition began in 2000 in the Ray Street Art District in North Park, CA. From there she expanded to Balboa Park’s Little House of Charm, and was also showcased for a short time in the distinguished Whitt Krauss Gallery in Seaport Village.

From San Diego to Santa Fe, NM in 2008, Jessica transformed her audience from in-house venues to the unlimited audience known as the Internet. During that time (2008-2011) she became exposed to the European art scene and her art leapt the pond to take up residence in galleries located in Damme, Belgium and Alsace, France. Since moving back to San Diego in 2011, the art has continued on with it’s fluid existence, and continued to obtain collectors near and far.

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