7 Poems by Joshua Martin

Mixed nut sudden sweep

Bitter sliced cucumber

dances fandango on heart of gold

wary of borrowing paprika

from bulldozer stamp collector.

Straining hip replacement

wanders tilting bellybutton

leap a frog a semicolon.

For wallflower canine


Beneath four wheel dynasty

throat clearing.

Extinguisher party favor

Mississippi walkie-talkie

in indigo hoop earring

solid as potato grip

tho seldom as an owl

mocking tuna fish.

Onion roll

onion roll

visits Mars

& strikes buckets

of perversions.

Leather lather pinch

of salty brine drop.

Loser laser cadaver

in pulverized maze.

Agents of chimpanzee

Star-nosed moles

respond to

micro               shapes

                ,   strategic revisions

         hidden in geometry.

Applied electric eels


                  the idea of a hospital. What can

a womb theorize

without a dictionary?

     Meaning plagues erstwhile

     hands in clay / with expertise,

essential continent

a new rebellion.

Historical cut-up

Workers cut the glass

and stash entrails

beneath glue gun

in the light of court

proceedings kangaroo

in ascending order.

Brushed up plastic

peeping Toms reply

to all and receive

elevated pulsed

positions as if

an engrained wire

poking through

forehead grave.

Then a listening

device that resembles

a toucan elicits

rule of thumb

in bare bottomed

elegy to canonized


Useless in diameter

where mighty drums

dismantle hatboxes

raided and abetted

and closer to a

racoon than to

an economic


Microbacterial lobster claws

Wilted brown atomizer cheers

has breakfast mashed and disagreed

like a chessboard verbal accusation

drawn out over deserted fiction snare drum

loose leaf Kevin apprehends solid Ryan

knew all that crawled scowled

dungeonlike between panda meat

laughing stately mannerisms

of arrowhead resort town operation

prelude to chaotic farewell party

computational A-OK send and drop


crux influx

your typewriter

carrier pigeon

reverberates goop

famished TIDES

pulled AsundeR

laughter called

NameD X in

parabolic etch

sink yet who

sink rotting


barnacle speech









ruled recycled

printS curved


end of NaMe

blame GaMe

tick BiTe

Fresh notebook takes a break

worker withered transparent pocket

on a whim plums lion stomachs

a burden thin as a cigarette minnow

caught killing mustache master

left to dream reflected vegetables

exhorted immobilized torso page

of petrified fondness for primadonna

still threats of palace stands random

economizes modern catastrophic manifold


sound dirt flush jaunty dispensation

diced circumference maimed intrigue

flesh parted simple apple application

presented easel eases contrapuntal sharpener

detailed simian proverbial metro

pointed tooth enamel golden watch pinch

cushion answers indignity with spark plug

conscience envelops fisticuffs with whiskey

spiral bookends elastic cufflinks puke

missing lash fondles glowing orb diaper

Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is the author of the books Pointillistic Venetian Blinds (Alien Buddha Press) and Vagabond fragments of a hole (Schism Neuronics). He has had pieces previously published in Coven, Spontaneous Poetics, Ygdrasil, Expat, Selcouth Station. RASPUTIN, Train, Fugitives & Futurists, Otoliths, M58, Punk Noir Magazine, Beir Bua, and Scud among others.

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