Beatriz Hausner / 3 POEMS

Beatriz Hausner

There Must Be An Angel

Divide me into you so we may rise

above the mirrors a hand encrusted

into the starred heavens for the multitude

of angels beneath and fluttering

as the hand of some other goddess

rouses you through me: there must be

an angel playing with my becoming

yours heart containing us calling out

Venus Verticordia rises vast over you.

Place before the obstacles our devotion

be deep set within you even and with

longing drawing you away elsewhere.

In you there must be an angel to stop

the manifold pain since you must suffer

To deserve joy. You and I will set free

the fluttering of wings to waken the

Day for a multitude of angels invades

your rooms turning them to light as

Your murmured song breaks free

and I’m thrown and overblown with bliss.

The Bridegroom

“Do,” you say, “for you are on top.”

I know you’re changeable “Tongue-trace

me, with honey-sweet grape clusters,”

you command. Sweet-darting love

And I think that as a chevalier you should

come with yourself and stay a while.

Come with the sun’s orb with all

the stars in your eyes is your mouth.

Visit. Set yourself as watchman against

my slander but come or not yet come

without your letter when the writings

are due. If I am to profess, bridegroom

If I am to rule from above from under

me you can rule and make yourself

willing pour the pent up want for I

can only burn dressed, or in my bed.

Divinity be there wrapped bending your

mind to love ligh fingertips open your

lovely lover, gracious, kind, when will I

overcome your fight? If I could lie with you…


Omnipresent omniscient matter reigns dissolved and formless

for long placed in mercury’s bath the universal solvent will

soon our skin transmute its layers beneath pulsates our blood

stopping and not stopping and before long be transfigured. Works

and days and time and sound the first is last ascending voice yours

this choir giving tongue to matter that is soft and dark like wrath

in throat rent by sudden soundless scream. Harmony begins

and follows the putrefying movement of death and rebirth

the wheel’s rotary motions are backwards turned. Return us to

creation’s reign here so this moistness may again become.


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