A Further Note on Le Grand Jeu /WILL ALEXANDER/ 1

Not savage clinical aspiration but a rising of forces beyond the spell of old beliefs. Not as kindled proportional realm or alterity as obsolescent embrace via religious camouflage. Never as myopic planetary guide Le Grand Jeu continues to hurtle in secret, within strange secretive enclaves sans endemic diminishmemt. Not simply a strange secular posture akin to theoretical lightning, as if its darkened absorbsion were claimed by comic options image  akin to psychic cadastral leverage. Because I am experiencing another range of possibility I am looking at a crucial turn of tendency that’s happened at the Bar du Chateau in March,  1929. This is when Le Grand Jeu were turned away as “boys” and its power announced to history as a secondary destiny. Not to light upon this figment via an ideological rationality but to take into consideration an extended long view rarely broached in contemporary assessment. Saying this I am claiming on my behalf a susurrant wisdom from the safety of distance but to attempt to access the long term vibration that erupted from this proceeding. The gist of the meeting erupted from shared commonality of the of the moment principally encompassed within Breton’s pacing. First of all I am not making judgment or taking sides. But I feel a deeper tendency was obscured in the haze of the moment. The conditions of the moment signaled a less obscure turning given the pressures of the of the moment when figures such as Breton, Artaud, Baitaille, Ribemont-Dessaignes, and Le Grand Jeu were scattering in various directions. Maybe I am postulateting to much in retrospect. But given the manner that humanity has found its way to the  present, that, Le  Grand Jeu, given our properties of the present moment would have sired an active psychology  more suited to our present needs of the moment rife as it is with apocalyptic grammar. Of I am not arguing from an indulgent tenor but from the  fertility of possibility. If inner research  had  been pursued in the praxis of Le Grand Jeu another power of human development would have had license to develop itself. Not that Breton has proved ineffective but another tenor would have self-described itself so needed in our present time replete as it is with cosmic uncertainty. Citing another example what if the shared psychology of the American Indian culture had have shared its force with the advanced mind that issued from Islamic Granada during, say,  the 1060’s or the 1070’s. Where would humanity now find itself vis a vis its deeper self-recogntion? A kind of revery on my  part given the existential danger we collectively face. Certainly I am not naively looking at the past via distorted perception but angling the past through the past as living possibility as we head into a disoriented and calamitous possibility. 


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