Keehoalfizix&Jeoserjery / by : Douglas Park




Pin-cushion enacts self-service acupuncture voodoo.      

But taxidermized sweet flesh and live confectionary bird’s nest and desert island simply start to deflate and contract; downward implosion and shrinkage commences, until only some mere button and sieve stays left behind.       

At the very same time and place, ammunition sizes grow and amount multiplies; microbe cell atom, soon overloaded and top-heavy with bulk, weight and strain of excess surplus glut bonus household contents and populace.        

Next, pure and raw movement, presence and force consume, replace and survive any visual image, solid form and material substance.  

Yet personal-use, domestic and local cottage industry, gameplay pastime and athletic sport still persist, sustain and flourish.  

While strength, energy and ability supercharge, reinforce and progress; every muscle flexes, all feelers explore, both endure and adapt. 

Just before planning, influence and power escape far outside, beyond and away from surrounding border, coastal shores and skyline airspace.     

Eventually, secret-hideaway headquarters exercise stealth remote-control pantographic dismemberment and vivisection upon widespread and distant locations.                     

Chosen landmass extracts uprooted, for replanting again, elsewhere than before.  

New identity and life-change won and awarded.                       

Hyperactive crop and animated habitat mutually customize, transform, metamorphose, mutate and evolve themselves and each other.         

©, Copyright, Claire Fontaine


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