We think that not only language, but the whole world in all its aspects, was given to humanity to make surrealist use of it.

“All things are called to other uses than those generally attributed to them.” – André Breton, Le Point du Jour.

 We think that surrealists should make use of whatever materials and tools that they find attractive. Whether a feather, a cloud or a computer, any single object in this world becomes a surrealist object as soon as surrealist use is made of it.

Sulfur surrealist jungle
is an online magazine that publishes surrealist texts, poems, articles and researches and surrealist games
 In English, French, Arabic and Spanish

Sulfur is clearly surrealist in its main orientation, it also welcomes related avant-garde writing and art traditions such as art brut, beatnik etc.

Sulfur collaborates with La Belle Inutile Editions and other partners on surrealist literary and Critical translation projects.
We have a strong interest in translation exchange projects.