Who is Douglas Park?

Who is Douglas Park?

Douglas Park.  U.K and Belgium based, internationally active and exposed artist, author, critic and curator.  Literary prose and written art, as well as literary prose and written art serving as criticism, also relatively conventional essays.  Solo work, collaboration and project input.  Varying outlets include publication, exhibition, live performance, audio recording, moving image, broadcast and online.  douglasrpark@gmail.com

Statement / Formula / Policy: 

http://www.westdenhaag.nl/exhibitions/16_05_Douglas_Park/more1 •  

Case-Study Specimens & Running Commentary:  

https://issuu.com/douglasrpark/docs/douglas_park_portfolio •   

Work presently online

(Sometimes other usage and outlets elsewhere — with covering biobibliographical information — cross-section of entire output — sequenced according to chronological appearance order).     

‘Sightseeing Mission’, (English / German, various translators), in Die Anthologie der Kunst / Anthology of Art, anthology, edited by Jochen Gerz & others, DuMont Verlag, Koln, 2004 (and in touring group exhibition — Berlin, Karlsruhe & Bonn etc — 2004-’05) 

http://www.anthology-of-art.net/generatio/22/park.html •  

‘Gossamer Feather-Light Aircraft / Heavyweight Wooden, Stony & Metallic Bird’ (English / Arabic, various translators), on Ronee Hui’s pages, 6th Sharjah International Biennale Book, Sharjah International Biennale, Sharjah, 2003 


Micro-Colonial-Drift / Growth-Area (via the Scenic-Route) — various forms, usages and outlets  

http://charlie.youle.free.fr/newopportunities/microcolonial.htm • 


http://slashseconds.org/issues/001/001/articles/05_dpark/index.php • 

Preface, ‘Woodland, Mountain, Desert, Arctic & Marine Geology, Organic, Climate & Weather Merchandise, Services & Personnel’ (also 15 photographic credits), in True Marchand du Vin / London-Galleries-Therapy, Kurt Ryslavy exhibition prospectus / brochure, Bureau du Port / De Wijn / Le Vin, Brussels, 2005

http://www.ryslavy.com/textsforGRfr01/textsforGRfr01textUber/Douglas_Park.html •  

Hollow Open Fort / Solid Cave Tunnel

http://clickanywhere.crisap.org/ • (move cursor around  — until “douglaspark” appears — near upper right hand side corner — then click on title to access work) 

Telepathy + Spying = E.S.P-ionage 

http://slashseconds.org/issues/002/001/articles/dpark/index.php • 

Introduction, Playground Theatre (linkerarm, rechteroor), Sara Pessoa solo exhibition launch event, Galerie de Zwarte Panter, Antwerp, 2007 

• http://nonopessoa.com/texts.html • 

Preface, ‘Natural-Born Forensic Clues / Buried-Treasure Growing Wild — Summarised Autopsy Estimate Report Findings’ (English / Flemish, translated by Gregory Ball & Dirk Verbist), in Sincerely, A Friend, Peter Buggenhout monograph, for De Res Derelictæ (Dingen Zonder Eigenaar — Objects Owned by Nobody), Peter Buggenhout, retrospective, curated by Koen Leemans, de Garage / CultuurCentrum, Mechelen, 2005 

http://slashseconds.org/issues/002/003/articles/dpark/index.php •  

Recital, Counter-Poison, Claire Fontaine, exhibition launch, Garage, Brussels, 2008  

http://www.kmplt.be/project.php?id=32 • 


• http://www.kmplt.be/artist.php?id=48 • 

Preface, ‘Disrehearsal’, in Au Revoir Moodle Pozart, Michelle Naismith solo exhibition catalog, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 2003 

• http://michellenaismith.com/Disrehearsal-Douglas-Park • 

Inside-story about Cel Crabeels’ exposé of Dan Graham’s ‘Belgian Funhouse’ as partial insight into the author’s own work — Locked-up metric tide (stuck on hold) / Free land wave outflow set loose, 2007

• http://slashseconds.org/issues/003/002/articles/dpark/index.php • 

‘Restricted-Access Free-Range Closed-Shop Open-Prison’, in THE QUEEL, anthology, edited by Dr. Clementine Deliss, Metronome, London, 2002; Pilot, anthology, edited by Eva Gonzalez-Sancho & Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk, Oslo Biennale, Oslo / Mousse, Paris, 2018 

http://slashseconds.org/issues/003/003/articles/dpark/index.php •   

Essay, ‘Uncommon Threads’, This Too Shall Pass, Anna Livia Lowendahl-Atomic, Kunstraum T27, Berlin, 2009 

http://www.loewendahl-atomic.com/douglas-park-uncommonthreads/ • 

‘Exkognito Secret-Agent Mission-Impossible Right up Landwarp’, (Monika K. Adler ‘Derange in London’ photograph project), 2011 

http://monika-k-adler.tumblr.com/post/7339892353/derange-in-london-exkognito-secret-agent • 

Untitled commentary, Aoife Van Linden Tol, ‘Emblem — Deconstructed & Destroyed’, Trinity, London, 2011 

http://aoifevanlindentol.blogspot.com/2011/11/douglas-parks-text-for-aoife-van-linden.html • 

Underwater Fireworks-Display Storm

• http://timgoldie.blogspot.com/2011/10/underwater-fireworks-display-storm.html • 

Iqbal Geoffrey’s Hybrid Intensity Revisited 

http://www.artnowpakistan.com/iqbal-geoffrey/ • 

Grand Unveiling / Public Execution — various forms, usages and outlets 

http://orchestre-spectremax.blogspot.com/p/grand-unveiling-public-execution.html • 

Text & spoken soundtrack voiceover commentary (with appearances and other input), in ‘L’éclipse de l’âme’, moving image work, directed by Jan Mast, Lightmachine Ghent & Be-Part Waregem, 2012 

• http://www.bepartlive.org/s-181—L%27%C3%A9clipse-de-l%27%C3%A2me-%282009-2012%29- • 

Untitled essay, Monika K. Adler’s work, Warsaw & London, 2012 

http://monika-k-adler.tumblr.com/post/40758025838/monika-k-adler-by-douglas-park •  

‘Defence & Survival Gameplay & Sports’ and untitled “biography”, Emilia Ukkonen artist’s website, Helsinki, 2013 

http://www.emiliaukkonen.fi/index.php?page=text • 

Untitled, in The Mix, edited by Christian Egger, Manuel Gorkiewicz, Christian Mayer, Yves Mettler, Magda Tothova, Ruth Weismann & Alexander Wolff, Zeitschrift, Vienna, 2008 

http://www.slashseconds.co.uk/douglas-park/13/169/submission/untitled/ • 

Essay, ‘DecoYration’, connected to Jakup Auce’s ‘Kimberley Clark’, in  Splash, Can & Cock exhibition, Komplot, Brussels, 2013 

http://thisistomorrow.info/articles/splash-can-and-cock-jakup-auce-and-carl-palm • 

‘Panoramamorphosis’, in The Bastard / Magnetic Speech, anthology, edited by Dr. Clementine Deliss, Metronome, London, 2001 

• http://www.slashseconds.co.uk/douglas-park/14/226/submission/panoramamorphosis/ •  

‘Immortal traces left behind by silence & loss / Solid matter spreads ever-deepening chasm’ (“Douglas Park on Philip Janssens”), recto / verso, Philip Janssens, edition, Platform 102, Brussels, 2014 

http://users.telenet.be/imperatorjanssens/www.philipjanssens.org/texts.html • 

‘Neon Graffiti / Shadow Camouflage’, Agency of Unrealized Projects, archive, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist & others, e-flux, New York, 2013 

https://aup.e-flux.com/project/neon-graffiti-shadow-camouflage-explanation-apology-excuse-attempt/  • 

Transcript & audio recording of live radio broadcast interview “Douglas Park & Kim Kim Gallery”, on Corner Station, hosted by Ji Yoon Yang, Seoul, 2013 

http://cornerartspace.org/#Corner-Station_Douglas-Park-and-KimKim-Gallery • 


http://www.kimkimgallery.com/audio/data/corner_station_005_interview_douglas_park_&_kim_kim_gallery.mp3 • 

Much else at Kim Kim Gallery website — in connection with ‘Douglasism’ etc 

Interview (with Sreemanti Sengupta) and poem, ‘Interflesh’, in Oddity 9, “Oddited” by Sreemanti Sengupta & Snigdhendu Bhattacharya, Kolkota, 2014 

• http://theoddmagazine.wixsite.com/thisisodd/interview • 

Solo exhibition & invited guests events program, Post-Terminal & Ex-Ultimate, West Den Haag, 2016 (online version of print publication — pages on same section also include footage of launch event performances, 24 hour live interview marathon and finissage mini-festival)      

http://www.westdenhaag.nl/exhibitions/16_05_Douglas_Park/more2 • 

Untitled event review (of Astor Piazzolla’s ‘Maria De Buenos Aires’ opera, performed by Zvezdoliki Ensemble, Toneelhuis Bourla-Schouwberg, Antwerp, 2016); untitled album essay, Maria De Buenos Aires, double music album, Zvezdoliki Ensemble, Antarctica Records, Mechelen, 2018 

http://www.orianadierinck.be/news/douglas-park-on-zvezdolikis-maria-de-buenos-aires#comments • 


http://www.zvezdoliki.be/reactions.html • 

Spoken-word tracks, 1.) ‘Nurseryworld’ & 2.) ‘Swan Machinery (Or, Lucky-Dip Holy-Communion Stock-Exchange)’, on nurseryworld / swanmachinery, c.d single, with Kris Delacourt & Nico Dockx, Galerie Jennifer Flay, Paris, 2003  

http://clairefontaine.ws/new/#/search/douglas%20park • 

Rut Blees Luxemburg’s Urban Harvest, Silver Forest & Piccadilly’s Peccadilloes  

http://rutbleesluxemburg.com/rut.html • 

“Written Artwork”, ‘EnUnTitleDMent’, The impact of Covid-19 on artists, part 4: artistic responses to the coronavirus and the prescient zeitgeist, Anna McNay, Studio International, London, 2020 

https://www.studiointernational.com/index.php/impact-of-covid-19-on-artists-part-4-artistic-responses-and-the-prescient-zeitgeist •   

‘Below Fuselage’s Backstage’, Haus-A-Rest, webzine, Jenna Fox, Windsor, 2020 

https://haus-a-rest.weebly.com/ •  


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